Where should the 2014 be held?

Does anyone have thoughts about where the next reunion should be? Is there a place in the Five Cities area that can accommodate such an event?

The scaled down event was held at The Cliffs in 2009. I thought that was a terrific venue. I wonder if they would be able to host an event if a substantially greater number of people showed up.

The 10-year reunion was held at Embassy Suites in SLO. I thought it was just fine.

I think the class of '88 had some portion of their 20-year reunion at the high school. Does anyone know what was involved in pulling that off? I'm assuming that no alcoholic beverages would be allowed on school premises. Was their real party somewhere else?

There's been talk of doing the reunion on a cruise ship. That would be great, but I think there are many people who couldn't afford it, couldn't get enough time off, and/or could arrange for child care for that kind of event. IMHO, a cruise would reduce attendance. But I could be wrong. Does anyone else have any thoughts/feelings?

-Chris Johnson